Washington’s Worst Fear: China-Russian Unity

Nie wieder Krieg! Putin verstehen. Lügen erkennen.

ChinaRussian Unity – Washington’s Worst Fear


By Stephen Lendman  Bild

  • China is an economic powerhouse. It’s the world’s second largest economy. It’s heading for number one status. Perhaps sooner than most expect. It’s growth way outdistances America. It’s multiples greater.
  • Russia matches Washington’s military might. It does so in nuclear weapons strength. With sophisticated delivery systems. Able to strike global targets accurately. With hugely destructive force. Enough to decimate potential adversaries. Perhaps to discourage potential aggression. Russia is rich in what China needs most. Oil and gas mainly. Technological expertise. Industrial equipment. Sophisticated weapons. Each nation is significant separately. They’re able to challenge America responsibly.
  • Together they’re a powerful combination. A force for world peace. For multi-polarity. For humanity. For weakening Washington’s imperium. Sino-Russian ties stress unity. They’re strategically important. They’re stronger than ever in modern times. They’re deepening. They expanding. Washington is increasingly concerned…

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