China is not poised to speed across the Pacific to threaten America.

Nie wieder Krieg! Putin verstehen. Lügen erkennen.

China’s Real Blue Water Navy | The Diplomat

Aug 30, 2012 

By Andrew Erickson and Gabe Collins

hp.04.24.12.USNshipChina is building a two-layered navy with a high-end Near Seas component and a limited, low-end capability beyond. It is not poised to speed across the Pacific to threaten America.China’s navy is not poised to speed across the Pacific to threaten America the way the Soviet Union once did, if not worse…

China has already developed, and continues to develop rapidly, potent high-end navy and “anti-Navy” capabilities. Like their other military counterparts, they are focused almost entirely on contested areas close to home. It is also developing low-end capabilities. They are relevant primarily for low-intensity peacetime missions in areas further afield. These two very different dynamics should not be conflated. The second area has attracted headlines recently. China is in the process of developing a limited out-of-area operational capability to extend…

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