Gebrauchsanweisung für einen Russland-Kollaps only with a United US-Europe Front

Nie wieder Krieg! Putin verstehen. Lügen erkennen.

Deflating Russia Can Be Done | National Review Online

21 Mar 2014

By Larry Kudlow

„…if anybody believes it will be easy to financially deflate Russia, they better think again.

  • Russia holds $132 billion of U.S. Treasury securities. That’s a big number, and it could be sold in the event of financial warfare. That won’t kill the United States. But it will undoubtedly cause interest rates to rise… His central bank just spent $50 billion to defend a sinking ruble, which is off about 10 percent year to date. But that still leaves about
  • $400 billion in foreign-exchange reserves that could be called upon to defend the Russian homeland in an emergency…But as I noted, the initial rounds of sanctions seem to be working. Just this week, after he was put on the U.S. sanction list, Putin pal Gennady Timchenko, a billionaire Russian oil tycoon, cut and ran by selling his…

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