Friedensnobelpreistraeger auf dem Kriegsfuss.

Nie wieder Krieg! Putin verstehen. Lügen erkennen.

Fallout from Obama’s Russia Strategy Is Spreading through …

By Patrick Smith,

The Fiscal Times

December 22, 2014

OBAMA%~1Russia’s Foreign ministry said on Friday it was deeply disappointed U.S. President Barack Obama had signed into law a new bill on sanctions against Moscow over the Ukraine crisis. In a statement, the ministry said, „We do not leave hostile actions by Washington without a reaction. Decisions on a possible response will depend on how the U.S. uses the new law in practice.“

The Obama administration’s sanctions against Russia, reluctantly supported by the Europeans, bite more deeply every day. But it is also clearer with each daily news report that Russians are not going to suffer alone.

Russia’s immediate neighbors and the Europeans will, too. And—not to be missed—so will the trans-Atlantic alliance that has served as the backbone of Western policy since the postwar order was established 70 years ago…

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