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Towards a new order, Xi Jinping touts Asia-Pacific dream …

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Xi Jinping unveils China’s plan for Asia-Pacific free-trade pact


After ‚Chinese dream‘, Xi Jinping outlines vision for ‚Asia …


Nov 9, 2014

By Wang Xiangwei

The Chinese president uses the Apec summit in Beijing to try to rally Asia-Pacific leaders around the idea of common progress and prosperity

us-china-relationsJust two weeks after Xi Jinping came to power this month two years ago, he took six new members of the Communist Party’s Politburo Standing Committee to the National Museum next to Tiananmen Square and said for the first time that the greatest „Chinese dream“ was to „realise the great renewal of the Chinese nation“. He has repeated the slogan in key speeches since then, although he has been short on specifics on making the dream a reality. Understandably, this has led to worries over…

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